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Amelia Shaw looks like a good girl... but she's not. She loves men... and all things fantastical.

Read her stories for paranormal romance with perfect men and imperfect women.

Fast paced, action packed and character driven stories with guaranteed happily ever afters...

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Steamy Paranormal Romance Series
Taken by the Dragon King FINAL 2MP.jpg
Taken by the Dragon King

Book 1

Stavrok won’t let anything stand between him and his mate.
There’s a beast inside of me, and there will be a time when I can’t control him. That’s what my father told me happens when my dragon finds his mate. He will claim them. He will not be gentle. He will not be sweet. My dragon will do whatever it takes to ensure his mate doesn’t leave, no matter the cost.

Lucy thinks soulmates are only for her dreams.
When a stranger breaks into my home and comes after me, I recognize his face. He’s the man from my dreams—the one I’m destined to fall in love with. But I don’t believe in soulmates. That’s why I try to flee.

Stavrok takes Lucy to the snowy mountains, hellbent on proving she’s his mate.
But then his kingdom is attacked, and Lucy is stolen away from the Dragon King. Now her only hope lies in knowing Stavrok will turn the world to ash and brimstone looking for her...and his dragon babies.

Fans of Eva Chase and Linsey Hall are addicted to this steamy, paranormal romance with a guaranteed happily ever after by Amelia Shaw.

2 A King for the Sorceress 3.0 2MP.jpg
A King for the Sorceress

Book 2

As Fated Mates, can Erik and Marienne overcome a destiny haunted by death?
Erik's dragon lurks beneath the surface, only willing to emerge for one woman, his half-brother's widow. As the Queen of the Kingdom he's inherited, Erik will need her by his side in order to survive as the new King.

Marienne will never bow to a man or dragon King again.
After her tyrannical husband was killed, Marienne was finally set free, and she's determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past. As a sorceress people have always sought her out for what she is, not for the woman she is. So why would Erik be any different? Except Marienne knows why and it's plagued her dreams for the past five years.

Erik is her Fated Mate, and he doesn't even know it.
One hot night proves their bond is real, but with their connection comes a vision of Erik dying in her arms, their Kingdom burning. Untold agony, and their greatest enemy, awaits them in the Kingdom no-one has ever seen. Can they save their future... or are they also fated to perish together as well?

3 Rebuilding His Dragon Kingdom FINAL 2 MP.jpg
Rebuilding his Dragon Kingdom

Book 3

The loner King will need to fight his own demons to win the day, and the love of his fated mate.
I, Damon, the King of the Northern clan, am busy rebuilding my kingdom which fell into the pit of destruction under the rule of my father. I am determined to be a better, stronger, kinder King. But stepping out of the shadow of a tyrant is harder than I imagined.

Cass is a starry-eyed 'royal' who can't wait to meet the infamous King Damon.
When my cousin King Stavrok takes me to the North, it's a dream come true. But finding out my fated mate is the loner King whose re-building a kingdom from the stone floor up? Not exactly the happily ever after I pictured for myself.

Damon's world is dangerous and Cass struggles to cope. Will these fated mates fight to be together? Or will the world around them tear them apart forever?

4 The Heir of Winter FINAL 2MP.jpg
The Heir of Winter

Book 4

Dymitri won’t let the past destroy his future with his broken mate.
When the sorceress Marienne foretells my mate is a human, and she is in trouble, I don’t think. I fly. Fly to the human world to hunt those men who have stolen her and would sell her into Hell itself. No-one will stand between me and my mate.

Sarah gave up on waiting for someone to rescue her, until a knight in shining scales arrived.
When a strange man offers to save me from an impossible fate, I’m terrified. Especially when he turns into a dragon before my eyes. It can’t be real. I have to be dreaming. But my sister is hurt, and they offer to save her too. So with my heart in my throat, I take the chance and leap. Letting the dragons obliterate all in their path.

Dymitri flys Sarah to his castle in the snow, hellbent on proving his worth.
But Sarah’s scars run as deep as Dymitri’s. They’ve both seen their fair share of battles, and both have a sad story to tell. Sarah is slow to trust, but Dymitri won’t give in. But a human is not meant to survive the cold of the North, and when Sarah tries to escape, it may be the end, for them both.

5 The Dragon's True Mate FINAL 2MP.jpg
The Dragon's True Mate

Book 5

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." ― Marilyn Monroe

Lucian was told that Sarah's little sister was his mate... but Marienne was wrong about one thing. It's not the little sister who makes the dragon shifter's heart pound, it's the older sister Katerina - whose curves and abundance stop him dead in his tracks.

But Katerina isn't of the dragon world. She has a life in the human realm and she'll fight to stay there, even if it ends the relationship building between her and Lucian.

Can the grumpy dragon and the stubborn human make their relationship work in a world that is determined to keep them apart?

The Human Mate for the Dragon Prince

Book 6

Stavrok and Lucy's son has come of age, and it's time for him to meet his fated mate.

*** The next generation of dragon kings.

The Prince of Dragon Magic

Book 7

Marienne and Erik's son finds his mate...

*** The Prince of Dragon Magic is the seventh book in the Dragon Kings of Fire and Ice series. A standalone, yet interconnected steamy paranormal romance story.


Paranormal Romance
Fiona Georgiou.The Shifter Rejected Series.Wolf of Ash.Book 1.FC 2MP.jpg
Wolf of Ash

Book 1

Talia thought her father’s execution was the worst thing that could happen…until her mate rejects her and banishes her from the pack.

Talia’s father goes rogue on a mission, leading dozens of pack members to a brutal death. Now the pack’s out for blood. But even his execution isn’t enough to soothe the Alpha’s anger. Which is why Maddox, who Talia has been fated to since birth, rejects his mating bond with her and banishes her. She has three days to leave town…or the pack will hunt her down.

Within hours of her departure, her own pack’s deathly decree takes a back seat to a more pressing threat: Galen, the next Alpha of the Long Claw pack that her father tried to kill, captures her. He doesn’t know that Talia and Maddox are no longer mates, and she intends to keep it that way.

Galen plans to use her as a bargaining chip, which is the only thing keeping her alive. But how long can she keep up the ruse? Because she’s still in town, and her pack is going to sense that. The clock is ticking until the hunt for her begins, then she’ll have two pack Alphas who want her dead.

The one who rejected her…and the one who kidnapped her…

Fiona Georgiou.The Shifter Rejected Series.Wolf of Blood.Book 2. 2MP.jpg
Wolf of Blood

Book 2

When one Alpha's son rejected her. Another is willing to save her.

Galen's protection means Talia can stay close to home and feel safe. Or so she thought. There's no feeling safe with the demons around. The witches are going insane and the wolves are showing unparalleled aggression.

Galen does everything he can to save his pack, and Talia, but when the Northwood pack attacks in the middle of the night, they come for blood. The witches fight with Galen's wolves, and the vampires fight with the Northwood wolves.

Chaos will reign as long as the Demons have their way.

Fiona Georgiou.The Shifter Rejected Series.Wolf of Shadows.Book 3.FC (1).jpg
Wolf of Shadows

Book 3

Talia has a run in with a demon that leaves her marked, and fighting for her sanity. The witches are being cursed, and no-one is safe from the demon's touch.

Galen is fighting with all of his might, but he is stuck in quick sand, and failing fast. His father is getting sicker, the witches he let into the pack are going insane, and Talia is on the verge of breaking down.

Can these two find a way to beat the odds, and keep themselves, and their fledgling love alive?

Fiona Georgiou.The Shifter Rejected Series.Wolf of Thorns.Book 4.jpg
Wolf of Thorns

Book 4

Talia is keeping a secret from Galen and the pack, and it is driving a wedge between them.

Since the attack by the demon, Talia's eyes turn red every time she shifts. She doesn't know what's happening to her, but it can't be anything good. Her demon-like eyes are impossible to hide, so the only solution is to not shift in front of others until she can figure out how to fix it.

But Galen and Talia have been summoned to a Shifter Council conference in an effort to curb the growing demon threat. And to declare her allegiance to the cause, she must shift in front of everyone. That's only the start of her latest batch of problems. The man who rejected her is also at the conference, and Maddox intends to claim back his property.

wolf of bones.jpg
Wolf of Bones

Book 5

Tragedy strikes for Galen and Talia is by his side. But there are forces beyond earth that are vying for Talia's blood and it will take more that wolf power to beat them.

Book 5 in The Shifter Rejected series. Slow Burn Paranormal romance.

wolf of starlight.jpg
Wolf of Starlight

Book 6

Talia is stolen, but Galen won't give up until he finds her. Demons and Shifters.

This is the final book in the Shifter Rejected series.


Paranormal Romance
Pack Loyalty book 1.jpg
Fate of the Wolf

Book 1

The man who broke her heart… is the only one who can help to save her pack.

Allara was driven away by her childhood sweetheart Reid. She abandoned her pack, her father and her life. Moving to the city was the only way to heal her broken heart. Then Reid barges back into her life, with terrible news. Allara's father, the pack’s Alpha, is dying. The chosen successor of her father’s, Jaime is a cruel Beta with plans to destroy their pack. As a female Alpha, Allara is the only one who can save them, even if it means exposing her heart to Reid once again.

If only Reid hadn’t let the Alpha convince him to break Allara’s heart five years ago. He'd regretted it every day since. But he must put his feelings aside to save the pack that adopted him at birth, even if it tears his soul every time he catches Allara’s sweet scent or witnesses her dazzling smile. He doesn’t deserve a second chance. Not with a woman like her.

Can Allara and Reid overcome the pain of their past while saving the pack Allara was born to lead?

Pack Loyalty book 2.jpg
Love of the Wolf

Book 2

A curvy girl with a heart that’s too big for this bad boy wolf shifter

Tammy can't wait to get away from the city. Away from the boyfriend that betrayed her, and all the pain that comes with having her heart broken. Visiting her bestie, Allara in her small home town is just what the doctor ordered. But the townspeople are not what they seem. In fact, they’re not even human. And one of those smoking hot wolf shifter men sets her body alight with his smoldering glance.

Seeing the new Alpha pair, Allara and Reid, together is enough to make Jason green with envy. He's been waiting for his mate forever, and he's tried on every female in the pack just to see if she fit right. But when he meets a voluptuous female, the best friend of the female Alpha no less, his wolf leaps at the site of his mate.

Tammy is the last thing Jason expects. Kind, outspoken and totally out of his league - but could she be everything he needs?

Is Tammy brave enough to give love another chance? Especially when she finds our she's pregnant to the shifter... Or has Fate got it wrong this time?

Pack Loyalty book 3.jpg
Destiny of the Wolf

Book 3

A lone wolf finds his mate, but she's the last woman he expected to fall for.

Kara is lonely. Her brother's mated up and her best-friend is busy running the pack. But she has her art, and her family, and that should be enough. But when Allara askes her to go to the neighboring pack and broker a peace deal, Kara can't think of anyone worse suited for the job. But she does what her Alpha askes her to do, and she meets with the Alpha-born Ronan. A man she is sure is meant to be her mate. If only he'd realize it too.

Alpha-born wolf shifter Ronan, ran away when the mantel for leader became his to claim. He has no interest in pack politics or the hierarchy he was bred on. Fated mates aren't real, and being responsible for another life is the last thing this Alpha wants.

But when Ronan's pack is in danger of being taken over, and his brother's life hangs in the balance, will he revert to type and run... or risk his own life for those he loves?

Pack Loyalty book 4.jpg
Baby of the Wolf

Book 4

She left town without a backwards glance... now he knows why.

The walls around Noah's pack have come crashing down, and the Thornwood clan can now freely roam the wilderness. Noah should be happy, but there's an ache deep in his chest for the woman who got away. Amy. The human he brought home one HOT night, to have her leave, and never come back.

Amy was a good girl, not someone who slept with every hot guy she came across. But there had been something irresistible about Noah. That had been her excuse anyway, for why she fell so easily into bed with the guy with the electric blue eyes. Getting pregnant by him... well, that was a consequence she hadn't prepared herself for.

But Amy managed okay on her own, until her baby girl starts showing signs of something that just isn't human. Seeking answers she runs back to the man who still haunts her dreams and who makes her body burn.

Pack Loyalty book 5.jpg
Curse of the Wolf

Book 5

Mannix goes in search of his lost brother, only to find a family he never dreamed was possible.

When he was a kid, Mannix's mother and father both died, and his brother was lost to the wilderness. His father had gone insane and taken Reid south, over a thousand miles, then told him to walk home. He'd never come back.

That moment had changed Mannix's life forever. He was now the Alpha of his pack, tormented by his Father's curse, and the loss of his older brother. So, when he finds out that Reid is still alive, he goes in search of him, and finds so much more.

Amelie is a widow, and mom to 8-year-old Lacey. She barely survived the grief of losing her husband, but battles on for the sake of her daughter. The last thing she expects is to have a stranger turn up to her home one night, and turn her whole life upside down.

Being Fated Mates is meant to be a blessing, but it may be too late in the day for Amelie and Mannix.


Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance
Fiona Georgiou.Woodlands Pack.The Pack's Mate. 2MP.jpg
The Pack's Mate

Book 1

Three wolf-shifting predators want to claim me as their mate.

I believe in medicine. In science. In logic.
So when I wake up in a house hidden deep in the woods, with three strange men standing guard,
I should be kicking and screaming and cussing up a storm.
But a pulse of attraction thrums through my veins and drowns out the voice telling me to run.
These men say they’re part man, part wolf. And they want me as their mate.
Yeah right! I say they need a psych consult. STAT.
But when they transition from mortal men to powerful predators in front of my eyes…I can no longer deny their claims.
Or the fact they want to claim me. I’m still not sure I haven't lost my ever lovin' mind, but as danger lurks…I have to trust they’ll protect me, and my heart too.

Fiona Georgiou.Woodlands Pack.Claiming Their Mate.Book 2 2MP.jpg
Claiming their Mate

Book 2

They say I'm their destiny.

I've fought hard for a better life.
But you can't escape genetics… and my relationships are as unstable as my parents' marriage.
Then I meet three possessive and predatory shifters,
These men claim me with every heated look and sensual caress.
Their inner-wolves seem to think I'm theirs. Their fated mate.
I should run scared and I DO.
My ex-boyfriend's grip tightens as he stalks my every move… and he comes with a pack of his own.
Can these wolves protect me… or should I leave forever to protect them?

Fiona Georgiou.Woodlands Pack.Saving the Pack.Book 3.jpg
Saving the Pack

Book 3

Her greatest joy spirals into a terrifying nightmare.

I’ve cooked and cleaned through my lonely life, but it’ll be worth it when I find my mate.
My dreams shatter when I discover I’m human—an outcast.
I seek solace at a bar with a bottle of Jack Daniels.
Then Tayte walks in, all sizzling seduction and heart-pounding heat.
Turns out a sexy alpha-wolf is all the pain relief I need.
Now I’m pregnant to the wolf. And the bears want me dead.
I need the Alpha’s protection. But Tayte’s three-wolf-pack are a package deal. And they claim I’m their mate.
They show me more passion than I ever imagined… and my hopeful heart blossoms with each tender caress.
Would these wolves love me, not just my baby?
And can they protect us both from the bears’ deadly vengeance?

Fiona Georgiou.The Woodland Wolf Packs.The Complete Series.Box Set.3D.jpg
The Woodland Wolf Packs Box Set

Three strong women wary of love… …and the wolf shifter packs ready to claim them.

These men are fierce, loyal and looking for love. Finding their mates is easy—their women falling hard and fast. But with danger closing in, keeping them safe could prove deadly. Can these hot, possessive wolves protect their fated mates?

The Pack’s Mate – Book 1. I wake up in a house hidden deep in the woods, three wolf shifters standing guard. They want me as their mate. They seduce my body with every caress, every kiss, but it’s the way they cherish and protect me that seduces my heart. I’ve always been too big, too sassy, too smart… now I finally feel beautiful. Adored. Loved. I’m not sure it will last, but as danger lurks… I have to trust they’ll protect me, and my heart, too.

Claiming Their Mate – Book 2. My bad taste in men has taken a detour from losers to downright dangerous. So, I’m swearing off Y chromosomes for good. Not so easy when these possessive, predatory men claim I’m theirs. Their fated mate. Every heated look and sensual caress soothe my bruised heart. Can I risk a chance at love when my heart’s not the only thing in danger? My ex-boyfriend's grip tightens as he stalks my every move… and he comes with a pack of his own.

Saving the Pack – Book 3. I’ve cooked, cleaned and slaved my whole life, waiting to start a family. Then I discover I’m human—an outcast who no bear-shifter will touch. I dull the pain with a night of sizzling seduction and heart-pounding heat. Now I’m pregnant to a wolf. And the bears want me dead. I need the alpha wolf's protection, but his three-wolf-pack are a package deal. And they claim I’m their mate. Could these wolves love me, not just my baby? And can they protect us both from the bears’ deadly vengeance?


Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance
Wolf Mated

Book 1

A Vampire assassin killed her dad. Now, to get revenge, she’ll risk being next.

Lawyer by day and knife-throwing badass by night, Sadie is no stranger to conflict. But nothing could have prepared her to take over her father’s bounty hunter workshop... When a protective wolf shifter and a possessive dragon shifter turn up on her door, both claiming to be her mates, Sadie knows she can’t cave to her desires. Not with her father’s killer still on the loose.

As she fights the pull to the two arrogant, sexy, smoking hot shifters, she inadvertently discovers something a lot more sinister than her father’s murder going on. The Vampires are hunting for something, and Sadie is determined to find out what it is. But as she seeks answers, she soon discovers the biggest problem of all: Sadie is no longer the hunter.

She’s just become the prey.

Dragon-Mated 2MP.jpg
Dragon Mated

Book 2

Three possessive, paranormal men share one badass woman...

Sadie, Rogan and Fridge are working together and hot on the trail of the Vampire who killed Sadie’s father. Finally, clues seem to be adding up and they are making headway... but things aren’t easy. Fridge, Sadie’s dragon-shifter mate has deep-seated commitment issues, while Rogan, Sadie’s wolf-shifter mate wants to become the best family unit around.

When a vampire assassin Sadie assumes is her father’s killer kidnaps her and ignites a mating-bond, she’s in real trouble. Not only that, but he wants to join their triad!Can the three men get along as they continue their quest to find a killer and take apart the Blood Ring that would capture Sadie and drain her life?

Or will the Blood World politics destroy them all?

Vampire Mated

Book 3

Not one, or two - but three fated mates..? Either Fate has a strange sense of humor, or she has truly blessed Sadie. The jury’s still out.

But while Sadie tries to wrangle three relationships and her intense attraction with each of her men, the vampire blood ring is still in operation and the reality is horrific.The vampires have women trapped underground, suffering while their blood is slowly siphoned from their bodies. Some of them are even being bred to produce more people for the select vampire blood tastes.

The blood ring is big business and big money, which means Sadie, Fridge, Rogan and Vincent, are taking on a very BIG enemy.Sadie is yet to fully mate with her Vampire, and her half-witch powers lay dormant. Playing this cat and mouse game might bring them together, but surviving is not guaranteed for all four of them.

Shadow's Quest

Book 4

Rescuing a witch from the underground was hard enough.... keeping her, and her baby alive, will be the hardest thing Shadow ever does.

When my cousin talked me into rescuing the witches from the underground, I figured... I've lived long enough. Time to do something truly stupid. Well, that was only the beginning. In the vampire's den I found my fated mate, a woman with enough magic in her blood stream to have every vampire running to kidnap her back.

I was never meant to have a mate. I'm a mixed breed-mongrel, and anyone can see it. I have a heavy limp, scaly skin and a hunch back. But nothing will stop me from protecting my woman, or the baby in her belly that I didn't put there. I don't care who comes for them. The Vampire Father's.... or the strongest shifter on the planet. No-one will get past me.

The Paranormals Blood World Box Set

Praise for the Blood World series:

★★★★★ "If you like paranormal romances, reverse harem, and strong females, YOU WILL LOVE this series. Within the first few pages, I was drawn right into the story. The storyline is fantastic, the characters are so real, it is just addicting to read this story!"

★★★★★ "I love shifter stories and reverse harem. This book has totally hooked me in and I cannot put it down."

★★★★★ "This such a great book I couldn’t put it down. The characters grab you and don’t let you go."

This is the complete collection of the Blood World series including:


  • Wolf Mated

  • Dragon Mated

  • Vampire Mated

  • and as a bonus- Shadow's Quest.


Steamy Paranormal Romance
Wicked Wolves book 1.jpg
Kingdom of Wolves

Book 1

Cursed, they must hunt down the witch responsible, or walk the earth alone.

Thirty years ago, the men of my pack were cursed, doomed to never find our fated mate. With no females born into our ranks, there was no one left to breed with. We’d be the last of our kind unless we could figure a way to break the evil inflicted upon us.

But the only one capable of that is the witch who laid the curse. My beta and I set off in search of the one who ruined our lives. Except, no one’s ever heard of her, and every other witch we encounter hates our kind.

Until we hunt down a coven in the north. One with a red-haired beauty who makes our hearts pound and our wolves cry to the moon in ecstasy. How could she be ours? I never imagined sharing a woman. Not with my beta and definitely not with the warlock who claims she’s his birth rite.

Wicked Wolves book 2.jpg
Reign of Wolves

Book 2

A warlock, a witch and two wolf shifters walk into the woods... sounds like a lame joke. But it's not. It's my life.

My beta wolf and I found our fated mate, and once we got over the shock of the fact she was a witch, then we had to get over the fact we had to share her. That shock was nothing compared to finding out the heir to the high warlock wanted her as his wife, and they have a history.

How are three men, natural enemies in the paranormal world, meant to share just one woman? Especially when there is darkness around us, a high warlock set on gaining an un-natural amount of power, and there's still the curse to break.

We want to save our pack, but first we're going to have to save ourselves.

Fans of Jaymin Eve and Linsey Hall will ravage this steamy #whychoose romance.

*** This is the SECOND book of the series and ends with a set up for book three. This series is best read in order.

Wicked Wolves book 3.jpg
Throne of Wolves

Book 3

A curse to break, three men to love and a pack to save from extinction.

Moving in with the wolf pack has taken some getting used to.
Everyone is really suspicious of Michael and I,
And the boys are having trouble getting along.
When the Alpha wolf finally admits to being the cause of the curse we think things will get better,
but there's another bombshell waiting to go off.
And this one might be the catalyst that undoes everything.

Fans of Jaymin Eve and Linsey Hall will ravage this steamy #whychoose romance.

*** This is the THIRD book in the series. The stories are best read in order.


BBW Fated Mates Paranormal Romance Series
Perfect Pairs 1.jpg
Prowling their Mate

Book 1

Laura always thought soulmates were for suckers… But can two gorgeous brothers prove her wrong?

People say I’m too much—too big, too smart, too loud. Well too damn bad! I’m finally content with my plus-size body and quiet life. Sure, I haven’t dated in forever, but I have a thriving veterinary practice and a kid sister to worry about. Besides, experience tells me animals are much more deserving of my attention. Until two gorgeous brothers knock me off my feet.
The unsettling animal-attraction is instant. I can’t fight it and I don’t want to.

Finding Mr Right is not on my to-do-list, but I’m up for a little fun with Mr Right Now—times two. Somehow these polar-opposite twins— Tyler with his gentle intelligence. Brandon with his strength and protective streak — form a perfect pair. And as they worship every inch of my curvy body, they thaw my frozen heart. If falling in love isn’t scary enough to send me running, discovering these men are actually mountain lion shifters should do the trick.

But they claim I’m their fated mate. And I know it’s true because loving them is easier than breathing… But will the 'ghosts of girlfriends past,' tear us apart?

Perfect Pairs 2.jpg

Book 2

Stalking their Mate

They’ve survived broken marriages and battered hearts… …but can these fated mates trust each other enough to find true love?

When I escaped my abusive marriage, I was a broken shell of a woman. I was never smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough. Now I’m finally free and happy and stronger than ever. There’s still a hole in my heart where a loving husband and children should be, but it’s a small price to pay for my freedom.

A trip to the Rocky Mountains for my cousin’s wedding is exactly what I need. I’m shaking my ass on the dance floor, when my skin prickles under the heat of a man’s gaze. This man may be hot enough to melt my plus-size panties, but no way is he getting into them. Ever. Except he does.

Silver-tongued Jack wins me over with his sexy smile and captivating charisma. Then worships me from head to toe until the wall around my heart cracks. I didn’t want a man. Let alone two! But his twin brother intrigues me. Scott’s damaged soul calls out to mine no matter how desperately he tries to push me away. The baggage we all carry from our past relationships could sink the Titanic, but fate has its own plans. Because these mountain-lion shifters form a perfect pair. And they’re destined to share a fated mate.

Me. I may be their perfect match, but how can I convince Scott there’s enough love left in this world for the three of us? And will he ever trust me to protect his fragile heart?

Perfect Pairs 3.jpg
Shadowing their Mate

Book 3

Kane and Reid are waiting for death, their fate sealed with the passing of their wife. But the moment they see Samantha their senses awaken.

With all my curvy cousins getting married to pairs of sexy fraternal twins, I figure going to one of the weddings couldn’t hurt? Right? Wrong. At Ashleigh’s wedding I meet Kane and Reid, two men who look like they’re not only knocking on death’s door, they’ve got one foot on the other side.

But the moment we touch, electricity shoots through my body and I know my life will never be the same. I have a boyfriend to break up with before I explore these feelings, and a life to put on pause. But how can I love two men? Especially when one of them is determined to keep me at a distance, and the guy I’ve been seeing turns up and tries to ruin everything?

Barry preys on all my insecurities, my weight, my job, my integrity, wanting me to believe I’m not worth loving,
Especially by two powerful, sexy men.

Kane and Reid may form a perfect pair, but there’s nothing perfect about me.

Her Pack

Book 4

A girl determined to do it on her own. The two men who'll give her everything she never knew she needed.

Lexie grew up in a tough environment, and when she escaped, she thought things would be easier. They weren't. And once again she's found herself in a situation where she has no money, no job, and nowhere to live. Maybe her mother was right and she wasn't meant to make it on her own.

Markus and Oliver are a perfect pair. Unidentical twins that are the opposite of each other, and yet perfect compliments. The bone of contention between them however is whether they'll share a mate or not. Ollie doesn't care and will take anyone Fate delivers to him. Markus is determined to stay single forever, believing what everyone says about him- that he's not made to be a husband.

But when Lexie literally runs into Ollie, their lives become intertwined and Markus will have to decide if he wants to risk his heart on a woman fate chose for him, or not...

*** Perfect pairs- wolf shifter style!


Steamy Fairytale Romance
cinderella and fae charming.jpg
Cinderella and Fae Charming

Book 1

Just because I sleep in front of the fire, doesn't make me a damsel in distress.

My step-mother calls me Cinderella... Not because I'm happily married to a prince, but because I have a horrible family! My parents are both dead, leaving me with a step mother who tormented me until I left home forever.

Now I live on the streets, stealing food to survive. It isn't ideal, but neither was living under the same roof as the my step-mother once my father died.

But I'm not helpless, I can handle anything that comes my way... Until I my step-mother tries to sell off my father's house.

Now all bets are off.

*** Standalone Urban Fantasy twist on Cinderella with Fae, and magic, and a slow burn romance.

freya and the beast.jpg
Freya and the Beast

Book 2

A naïve girl, an enchanted forest and the fight for what is right.

When Freya’s father didn’t return home one night, she went in search of him. Drawn to the enchanted forest, she stumbled upon a castle, and within it, a 300 year old curse.

When the beast promised to let her father go, Freya became his prisoner. But soon after her anger had died down, Freya realized that this beast was not at all like he seemed. Seeing the truth beyond his scary looks and well-guarded person, Freya began to see what he truly needed.

When Freya began to miss her father too much to endure, the beast agreed to let her go home. But upon her return, news of Novus’s murderous plan came to light. She quickly returned to the enchanted forest to find the castle under threat.

With Freya’s magical abilities, does she have the strength to save the beast and the servants of the castle before it’s too late?


Paranormal Fantasy Romance
Urban Fae - book 1.jpg
Urban Fae

Book 1

Can you see my wings? Because you're not meant to. If you can... then you're one of us.

I live in a realm run by Witches and Warlocks. They use shifters as servants and vampires as sex slaves. So, I hear you ask, what of the Fae? Well, we escaped long ago. All of us, except for those they call the 'Wicked.'

When we're children, we are tested. Our magic, our blood, our heart. And for those that fail, we are cast out, back to the realm of the Witches to be killed... or worse. I was taken in by a Witch with little power, and used to help her thrive, but now that's she gone, I'm free, and it's time that the Wicked take back what is theirs.

For fans of Jaymin Eve, Jeanine Frost and Shannon Mayer.

Urban Fae is the first in the Wicked Fae series. A paranormal fantasy romance series with lots of action, bad guys, and a love that will conquer all.


MFM Romantic Urban Fantasy Series
fae_redempition 2MP.jpg
Fae Redemption

Book 1

An ancient Fae princess. Two men to love. A world of danger.

Since the magical mayhem caused all of us to lose our powers, and gain some others, life has been crazy. I’ve been training to become a Bounty Hunter with Hawk and Zoey, but mages are dropping like flies. So we need to work together to solve the puzzle before they come after us.

My relationship with Helix is on tenterhooks, our past getting in the way of any future we might have. Whereas Hawk and I are literally stuck together, and I can’t see my life without him.

How do I choose between two of the best men I’ve ever known, who both seem to want me.

Slow Burn MFM #whychoose romantic Urban Fantasy series.

*** Author warning: There IS a cliff hanger ending and will lead straight into book 2!

fae_empowerment 2MP.jpg
Fae Empowerment

Book 2



Paranormal Romance
1 Voodoo and Fate FINAL.jpg
Voodoo and Fate

Witches and Wolves. Alpha and Beta. Voodoo and Fate.

I might be one of the most respected Voodoo practitioners in my town, but no amount of magic ever could have prepared me for my friend's unwanted pregnancy.
Desperate to help, I agree to get rid of the baby for her.
That is...until I run into the handsome, Alpha-born werewolf Luc Talon.
Now I can’t help but wonder if I'm doing the right thing?
But there’s a reason no one in the witch community wants my friend to have this baby…a deadly reason that could throw New Orlean’s paranormal community into chaos.

Is there any safe way out of this mess?

The Alpha Shifter.jpg
The Alpha Shifter

I've been a lone wolf all my life... and now this woman wants me to join her pack... There's no way it'll work.

I grew up in the foster system, so when I started shifting I had no-one to go to.
No help at all.
But I've survived. And I'm doing good.
But then Molly shows up, and like all Fated Mates,
She turns my house and my life upside down.
She offers me a refuge from those that are hunting us because we're rare... special.
Hybrid shifters.
But it could be too late for us all,
The sole-shifters are on our tail,
And they're set on wiping us out.
Once and for all.
That is... unless my dragon shifter has something to say about it.

*** Contains two hot dragon shifters and therefore steamy themes/language. No cheating and a guaranteed happily ever after!

A Worthy Conquest 2.jpg
A Worthy Conquest

When the four horsemen were thrown out of paradise, they landed on Earth in four different places.

Lord Conquest wakes up as the wealthy owner of a ranch,
Money, power and women abound.
What more could a man want?
Except to Conquer the unattainable...
There's only one woman Conquest wants,
and that's Doctor Emma.
A woman whose only concern is serving her small country town.

But things aren't what they seem.
There's evil lurking, and despite his best intentions,
Conquest can't ignore it,
Especially when Emma becomes the demons prey.

A contemporary twist on 'The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse' story- starring Conquest and his white stead.

The Innocent Wolf Mate.jpg
The Innocent Wolf Mate

My grandmother took me away from my home when i was a child,
and i don't remember much about any of them.
She's my only family.
Until I discover a wolf, literally, in my grandmother's bed,
and he tells me I'm the heir to a wolf pack that I've never even heard of.
I'd think he was crazy if I wasn't so drawn to him.
Only time will tell if this is my destiny, or not.

Short, fast paced shifter romance with a protector hero, and a virgin heroine with more heart than a whole pack.

Monster Appetites
Monster Appetites

She was their sweetness, They were her monsters.

Humans only have one role on my world, to feed the monsters that crave us.
I am bred only to be sold off to the highest bidder,
On my eighteenth birthday I am put on an auction block.
It is there that I await my death.
The monsters who buy me are a triad of identical triplets,
With horns and tails, and skin as dark as the night.
I go to my death only to find a reason to live,
There is light in the dark.
But only when my monsters stand by my side,
And grace my bed.

Monster Appetites is a novella length, steamy, standalone #whychoose Reverse Harem romance.

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