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Maggie Shaw is a busy Aussie Mum - and author! Maggie writes low heat, high action, Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Fantasy.


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Romantic Paranormal Fantasy
Daughters of the Warlock - book 1.jpg
Loving the High Warlock

Book 1

Genevieve and Matlock share a forbidden love that was never meant to endure...

I've loved Matlock Adenolfi for years, but he is destined to become the High Warlock of ALL the realms and his marriage has been arranged since birth. I should have prepared myself better for our eventual break-up, but I didn't, and that's on me.

But nothing would have prepared me for finding out I'm pregnant with Matlock's baby, a child who will be the heir to his power. Not only is our love forbidden, but my child is a threat to the Warlock 'Council,' and if they find out about her, my life, and my daughter's, will be over. I have no choice but to run, away from my life, everything I've ever known.

And Matlock... He can never know.

Loving the High Warlock is the prequel to the series 'Daughters of the High Warlock,' set 25 years before 'Sisters of the Coven'.

Daughters of the Warlock - book 2.jpg
Sisters of Magic

Book 2

My mother’s death unleashes her biggest secret…a secret that could destroy us all.

My father is the most powerful warlock in the universe, and he doesn’t even know I exist. Now, with my jailer of a mother dead, I need to find him. But to do that...I need to lie about who I am. Because the Warlock Council wants me dead. A half mongrel warrior Fae says he will help me, but he’s my father’s bodyguard. And as sexy as he is, he's the last man I should trust. Maybe Mother was right. That I would have been safer in our realm. But now I have a secret of my own I have to protect.

Daughters of the Warlock - book 3.jpg
Hiding from the Council

Book 3

She’s a witch in hiding and a deadly assassin is hunting her down.

I’ve been tried, convicted and sentenced to death. For treason against the High Warlock. I’ve escaped my death with help from Fae friends But they can’t keep me safe forever. There’s a bounty on my head, I’m stalked by paranormals at every turn.

The Fae assassin hunting me is my father’s bodyguard, He’d rather bed me than kill me. He’s captured my body, but I need to guard my heart. I wasn’t born to hide. And must rein in the power from my parents bloodlines to survive and claim my birthright. I will not go down without a fight.

Daughters of the Warlock - book 4.jpg
Heir of the High Warlock

Book 4

As a witch with the most powerful genetics in the magical Universe, I have a choice. Do the Council's bidding…or risk their wrath.

I've had enough of hiding, of pretending I don't exist. I'm the daughter of a powerful Witch and the most well-known Warlock in the Magical realms, and its time everyone knew it.

I'm charged with treason against the High Warlock And if the Council win their case, I'm dead. But after a grueling trial with my Fae lover at my side, I win my case, and am given the power of the Heir to the Covens.

But they want me to relinquish all control of my life, even the choice of my future husband. Which leaves me no choice but to fight my life, and a love I'd die for.

Daughters of the Warlock - book 5.jpg
Hidden Sister

Book 5

A witchy book worm. A poisoned sister. And a powerful Council that wants them all dead.

When my rebel little sister is mysteriously poisoned, it’s up to me to protect her. But saving Courtney means going to the Magical Realm, where I must face my worst fears. My powerful father and the Council of Warlocks. Both have their own plans for my life.

Once I make my presence known, the Council demands I step into the role of my father's Heir. But the last thing a bookworm like me wants is to be pushed into the spotlight And to the top of the assassin’s hit list. Now, facing the toughest challenge of my life, I’m forced to choose whose life to save, my own or my sisters. If I choose wrong, it may just be the end of all our lives.

Daughters of the Warlock - book 6.jpg
Forbidden Love

Book 6

A bookworm with a dangerous new job. A mysterious new love interest. And a new reason to fight the Council.

I fought for control over my life and won, working at the Warlock’s College library was meant to be safe. But I never imagined the threats that would follow. I’m falling in love with the night security guard, a wolf shifter in hiding, and relationships between witches and shifters are forbidden. Especially for one of the High Warlock’s heirs.

For the first time ever, I’m determined to let my heart rule me, no matter the cost, but that doesn’t mean the Council will stay out of the way. There’s no way they’ll allow the alliance, Even if it means destroying the shifter I love.

Daughters of the Warlock - book 7.jpg
Arcane Magic

Book 7

A forbidden love. A league of Witches who want equal rights. And a Council hellbent on stopping them.

Bella, still the black sheep of the family, has fallen in love with a wolf shifter. Though their love is forbidden, she won’t give him up. Now she’ll have to fight the Council to change the law….or risk death.

Her last hope is joining the ‘League of Witches,’ a group of women determined to change the rules to give equal rights to all species. But with equal rights to love come equal rights to live, and the Council won’t allow the shifters or the Fae to step out of place.

Crown of the Witch

Book 8

Her hair matches her temper; And her magic matches her spirit.


Courtney was poisoned over a year ago, which was the catalyst to Bella bringing her into the Magical Realm. They saved her life, but her health has never been the same. Everyone, including her father, the most powerful warlock in all the realms, is at a loss of how to help her.


The cure comes from an unusual angle, and from a man filled with incredible guilt. Will Courtney be able to forgive the people responsible for hurting her for so long? Or will her need for vengeance undo everything she's built?

'Charmed' meets 'Shadow Hunters' in this fast paced, exciting paranormal fantasy series that will keep you hooked to the very end.

Throne of the Council

Book 9

Blurb coming soon.

'Charmed' meets 'Shadow Hunters' in this fast paced, exciting paranormal fantasy series that will keep you hooked to the very end.


Paranormal Urban Fantasy
Bounty Hunter 1.jpg
Bounty Hunter

Book 1

A pixie sized bounty hunter. A sexy fae prince. A world of secrets.

As a bounty hunter, I’ve dealt with my fair share of bad guys, but nothing prepared me for my latest challenge: Fin Taylor. Give me vampires ravaging the city or shifters attacking women in the street any day. Because as soon as the sexy Fae billionaire kidnapped me with his powers of persuasion, all bets were off.

But we have a mutual enemy, the Black Mage. The man I’ve been hunting for fifteen years for the death of my parents. I’ll leave pleasure... I mean revenge, on Fin for a later date. With him on my side, payback just got easier. Only, the Black Mage has done something horrible to Fin as well.

I’m not sure exactly what, but if I don’t figure it out soon, this mission could turn into a disaster.

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and J. R. Ward will devour this Slow Burn Romantic Urban Fantasy series.

*** Author warning: There IS a cliff hanger ending, and will lead straight into book 2!

Bounty Hunter 2.jpg
Hired Hunter

Book 2

A broken girl. A brooding Fae. More secrets revealed.

After Fin used me for bait when we went up against the Black Mage, I almost died. I don't want to trust him again. But the Fae bends over backwards to get his second chance. And despite the fact that I am terrified of dying again this time, I have no choice but to fight. The Black Mage deserves to die. If we're gonna win this war, then I need Fin on my side. And this time I've got all my fingers and toes crossed, that we don't end up in a battle like the last. I'm not sure I'll survive this time.

*** Author warning: There IS a cliff hanger ending, and will lead straight into book 3!

Bounty Hunter 3.jpg
Revenge Hunter

Book 3

A bounty hunter with hidden magic. An angry fae prince. A world of lies.

I couldn't be more furious with Fin. He's crossed my boundaries and betrayed me for the last time. But I have a secret, that not even he knows. I stole something off the Black Mage's person last time we almost died fighting him, and that artifact is going to lead me to the truth.

But instead of finding what I need, I get my my ass handed to me by a pack of goons. Fin saves my life, again, and this time his magic binds us together, leaving our feelings and thoughts exposed and open to each other. My worst fear realized.

Walking away just got impossible.

*** Author warning: There IS a cliff hanger ending, and will lead straight into book 4!

Bounty Hunter 4.jpg
Magic Hunter

Book 4

A vengeful bounty hunter. A hate filled fae prince. Magic and lies abound.

The Black Mage has taken the life of someone close to Fin and Zoey, and Fin almost loses his own life in the process. There's only one place to turn, and that's home. Zoey swallows her pride and askes 'The Office' for help, which leads them down the path of finding Sol, and her enigmatic bodyguard.

Fin and Zoey are always surrounded in danger, but their love is growing, intimacy is developing and the sassy bounty hunter is learning to trust. But Esteban wants Zoey, and Sol is the only prisoner who ever escaped his clutches. He will bring hell fire down on them to make sure he stays on top of the game, and Fin ultimately loses.

*** Author warning: There IS a cliff hanger ending, and will lead straight into the final book!


Paranormal Romance
Roar of Neptune - Maggie Shaw.jpg
Roar of Neptune

Ayra has never been able to sit still, not when she hears the siren’s call of the ocean. She’s been drawn to it ever since she can remember - and before being adopted by her older mother, she doesn’t remember much. Everything is a blur. During one volatile storm, Ayra gets swept up by vicious waves who pull her under. But instead of drowning her, they save her.

They take her to a palace with no ruler except a tyrant who has turned the people into slaves. But one thief recognizes Ayra. He claims she’s the heir to the throne. The only hope for these underwater people. In order to save them, Ayra must unleash her power and be brave enough to claim what is hers. If she doesn’t die trying first.

Fallen Angel: Gabriel and Kadie

Defeating the forces of Hell won't be easy, even for Heaven's most fierce protector.

Gabriel is forsaken. His sins against Heaven have earned him a place on Earth among the tortured ones. There's only one way to reclaim his place among the Angels; He must save the souls of the damned. But when he meets Kadie, a young, beautiful woman who he must protect against the forces of evil, his entire existence is thrown into question.

Kadie isn't the run-of-the-mill human girl—she's a powerful Witch, and might have what it takes to save the world from the powers of darkness. Can Gabriel overcome the shame of his fall from grace, and rise to become the hero Kadie, their miracle baby, and the entire world needs?

Romantic, heart-pounding and brimming with paranormal goodness, this Adult Urban Fantasy book will keep you turning pages deep into the night. Scroll up and One-click your copy today!

Previously published as three stories, this anthology includes all three in one collection:

  • Fallen Angel

  • Ascending Angel

  • Warrior Angel

Daughters of Warlock
Zoey Revenge
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