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Lexie Miers is the contemporary pen name for Fiona Miers, an Aussie mum whose been in love with romance novels for almost thirty years.

Her heroines are sweet, sexy and feisty. Her heroes are hot, often a bit broken, and a little bad boy too.

If you like fast paced, contemporary romances with GUARANTEED super sweet happily ever afters- then this is the author for you!

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Steamy Contemporary Romance
My Dad's Billionaire Best Friend

Book 1

A hot older guy. A girl to need him.

When I met Axel, he was just a super hot, super rich guy that I wanted to kiss.
Now I know the truth, and he's my dad's best-friend.
I have to stop seeing him, this sort of relationship is totally forbidden.
But I can't stop thinking about him.
As long as my Dad doesn't find out, everything should be okay... right?
Coz I've gotta have him.

Pregnant to my Dad's Best Friend

Book 2

My Dad knows about Axel now, which should makes things easier for us,
But it doesn't.
Dad's just waiting for us to fail, and after all, I don't blame him.
Axel's a workaholic, even if he says he'll slow down, he doesn't.
I've got College to finish, and so much stress,
I'm not sure our relationship will last the test of time.
Especially with the added pressure of that tiny thing I haven't told him yet.

BillionairesBaby (1).jpg
The Billionaire's Baby

Book 3

Pregnant with Axel's baby,
I'm juggling College and my parents expectations,
Not an easy task, that's for sure.
Add in the fact my Mom and I are at logger heads,
my Dad and Axel are working together now,
and the drama never stops!


Steamy Contemporary Romance
AccidentallyPregnant (1).jpg
Accidentally Pregnant

She's on a mission... a baby mission.

I've wanted a baby my whole life, so to find out from my Doctor that my days are numbered... well that was a blow.

I saved all my money for IVF, to have my parents need a bail out for their tax bill.

But Fate came to my rescue.

I have one last job that will give me all the money I need to make a baby of my own,

and surely one last holiday fling with my new 'boss' won't hurt?

Who was that Doctor that said I'd never conceive on my own?

A miracle happened in Hawaii, and I'm going home with a new life growing inside of me,

No IVF required.

As for the billionaire father?

He made it clear the last thing he wanted was a partner, or a baby.

So he never has to know.

ForbiddenBaby (1).jpg
Forbidden Baby

I really thought David was the one for me. He was sweet, but oh so sexy.

Successful but not too arrogant. He was the perfect guy... until he wasn't.
My mother's a bit of a gold digger... so sue me.
She's not me... I would never marry a man for money.
So turning up to her third wedding, I don't expect much.
And the last thing I expect is to find that my new step-brother is my boyfriend!
David thinks I'm just like my mother. With him only for his money.
Well he soon fixes that, by dumping me and cutting off all ties.
Or so he thinks.
I'm pregnant with his baby and I'm still in love with him.
Our parents being married don't change how I feel. Why would it?
Should I tell him?

Baby Doctor

The last thing I meant to do this Christmas... was fall into bed with my sister's Obstetrician!
But you have to believe me... he was just so HOT!
And sweet, and smart, and all the things I've ever wanted from a man.
Surely he's too good to be true? He has to be.
I soon find out he's a workaholic and out future is bleak.
I run for the hills. What other choice did I have?
Pity I didn't hang around an extra week or two, I might have been smarter about my choices.
Because our baby deserves the best and what better man to father our child?
Than a baby doctor!

BossBaby (2).jpg
Her Boss's Baby

I'm a Spanish billionaire with a problem... and this gorgeous woman could be the solution.

When my sister died with her husband in a car accident, I inherited my niece.

I have no idea what to do with the little girl.

Surely an Australian nanny will be the way to go?

It's what my sister would have wanted.

Hands off. Of course.

You don't touch the help... or so my father always said.

But he obviously never met HER.

She's like sunshine in the darkness and I'm not sure I want to leave her alone.

Arrogant hero. Virgin Aussie heroine. Accidental Pregnancy. Super sweet happily ever after.

OneAway (2).jpg
The One That Got Away

He was my first love. My only love.
The one that got away.

People say everything happens for a reason.
But I call bullshit—sometimes life just sucks.
After mom’s death, I’m all my brother Nathan has left.
So, we move to the city for a better life.
When he’s almost killed in a motorbike accident, I wonder if I’ve made a mistake.
I’m supposed to protect him!
As medical bills pour in, I’m drowning in debt.
But a new Executive Assistant job could provide the stable future I crave.
Or maybe just dredge up a painful past.
Because my prospective boss is my first love.
My only love. My biggest regret.
After high school, Liam snuck out of town with nothing more than his truck, his clothes and my broken heart.
I should walk away, but I can’t—I need this job.
I can keep this strictly business.
Pretend my heart doesn’t race with every panty-melting smile. Yeah, right!
Is this just more bad luck?  Or maybe a twist of fate—and a second chance at love?

One perfect Night

Michelle is fleeing Australia to make a new life in England. She isn’t sure what she’s going to do when she gets there, but at least she will have left the trail of horror behind her. She ends up trapped in an airport as a freak storm blows in and all she can do is accept the kindness of a stranger and wait it out.

Rob is skipping holidays with his family to take a well deserved break in America. When he’s snowed in at the airport he expects the worst. Finding the gorgeous Michelle is just what the doctor ordered.

Two strangers with one night together. Can their separate paths join to make one flight of love?

Good Girl

He's a self made millionaire... he's a philanthropist that I model myself after... he's... he's... an a$$hole!

I spend my days making money to pay my bills through corporate law, but my weekends are spent volunteering my time at Ellen's house- a refuge for abused women.
Imagine my surprise when I realize the man behind all the magic is an egotistical, arrogant SOB.
But it get's worse. Not only is he my unofficial boss on my weekends, but he hires me a consultant for the weeks as well.
When I get to know him I realize there's more layers to this millionaire than first appears.
He's got scars. And a history that makes me cry.

This good girl has found her bad boy. But will he reform for me?

Axel Chastity
LM Standalones
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