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Fiona Miers has a super busy life, like most modern women. But she always finds time for reading and writing romance.

Her love affair with the romance genre started when she was only 11 years old when her mother and Nana, handed her, her first mills and boon.

Since that day she's built her own business, become a mother to two beautiful little girls, and fallen in love with the most spectacular man on the planet.

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Regency Romance Series
Sarahs Reluctant Duke FINAL.jpg
Sarah's Reluctant Duke

Book 1

The love of a Duke will save her…

…but will his family tear them apart?

Sarah’s one and only London Season must result in a match—her family’s future is at stake. But this vicar’s daughter faces possible ruin until she’s rescued by the kind and heart-poundingly handsome, Oliver Lyre. The newly minted Duke of Lincoln soon holds the key to her heart, and it appears her prayers have been answered. But his mother and sister-in-law, infamous dragons of the ton, are determined to tear the couple apart. And when Sarah discovers she’s pregnant, she’ll give up everything to protect her child.

When Oliver tragically lost his father and brother and inherited his title, he also lost his chance at marrying for love. He never wanted the crushing responsibilities the title entailed… and he damned well never wanted the attention of matchmaking mamas on the ‘marriage mart’. Rescuing Sarah, and being forced into marriage, is a surprising stroke of luck. His sweet and affectionate wife is a breath of fresh air, showing no interest in his money or station. The only person who expects nothing but his love. If only his family weren’t hell-bent on destroying his marriage. This reluctant Duke will have to choose between the burdens of his family and the woman he loves.

Can Sarah and Oliver’s love overcome the pressures of a world determined to keep them apart?

Lady Charlotte's Ruined Marquess.jpg
Lady Charlotte's Ruined Marquess

Book 2

Finding love amongst the ton is a rare feat…

…finding a virgin husband is surely impossible.

Lady Charlotte Dunford will marry for love, or not marry at all. Finding a husband shouldn’t be difficult, not with her beauty, wealth and spirit. She’s already caught the eye of several gentlemen, including her brother’s friend Archie, whose pious nature hides a sparkling wit and an uncanny ability to draw out her secrets. Including the biggest secret of all… her future husband must be a virgin. An impossible condition for the gentlemen of the ton… except for Archie, who can fulfill all her demands.

Archibald Turner has secrets of his own. His older brother is hidden away, dying of a disease that will ruin their family name. When the axe falls, he’ll need his friends to stand by him. He’s dedicated himself to becoming the perfect gentleman. He never drinks, never gambles, never cusses. And he’s never lain with a woman. But beneath the perfect façade is a wildly passionate man who desires the one thing he cannot have. His best friend’s little sister.

Archie is certain Charlotte will despise him when she learns the truth of his legacy. But will she give up on the man she loves… the father of her unborn child?

Lizzie's Recalcitrant Earl.jpg
Lizzie's Recalcitrant Earl

Book 3

Widows are safe for this rakehell to bed…

…until he meets the one widow he can’t forget.

Lizzie Somers is a widow with means. But instead of retiring to her country estate, she’s off to London in search of a husband. She’s certain she needs a respectable, faithful man to give her the family she desperately desires. Until she meets notorious rake, Rupert Willoughby. He’s the opposite of what she wants, but exactly what she needs. And her heart leaps before her head can catch up.

Rupert Willoughby dedicated his youth to becoming the worst possible candidate for Earl, a title he never wanted. Not only does he have a reputation for drinking, and frequenting ladies of the night, but he has the muscles of a pugilist. Most unbecoming of a gentleman. He thought he’d secured his freedom, but nothing can scare away the matchmaking mamas and eligible ladies of the ton. Society expects him to marry. He needs a wife he can wed, bed and forget. Then Lizzie enters his world and stamps herself onto his heart.

Rupert’s found a woman he wants to love forever… but can he be the man his beloved Lizzie deserves?

Hannah's Rakehell Duke FINAL.jpg
Hannah's Rakehell Duke

Book 4

He’ll show her the pleasures of the bedroom…

…and she’ll show him the value of true love.

American Heiress, Hannah Turner, has been shipped ‘across the pond’ in search of a husband. Although considered a spinster by some, she’s young enough to indulge in a little fun while abroad. Ignoring the stifling expectations of the English aristocracy, Hannah spends carefree days at her cousin’s estate donning breeches and riding astride.

Accused of impropriety by infamous rake, Lord Dunford, she suppresses her wild side to become a picture-perfect English Lady. But when the handsome reprobate offers to teach her the pleasures of the bedroom, spirited Hannah can’t deny the passion he stirs within.

Lord John Dunford grew up in the storm of a loveless marriage. He’s sworn an oath never to marry. Avoiding the eligible ladies of the Marriage Mart, John has dedicated himself to the pursuit of pleasure. Mistresses are a safe distraction from lonely nights and an achingly hollow heart. Until beautiful, wicked-tongued Hannah upends his life. Now his body burns only for her, and the stone around his heart cracks with her every smile. Suddenly, John craves the life he’s always spurned—a wife, a family, a true home.

After a lifetime of defiant debauchery, this lonely Duke must fight to convince the woman he loves he’s worth the risk.

The Heir and the Spare Box Set mpckup lr.jpg
The Heir and the Spare Box Set

Four friends unexpectedly, and reluctantly, inherit their father’s titles. Meet the spare sons of London’s aristocracy… and the women who capture their hearts.

Book 1 – Sarah’s Reluctant Duke
The love of a Duke will save her…
…but will his family tear them apart?

Book 2 – Lady Charlotte’s Ruined Marquess
Finding love among the ton is rare…
…finding a virgin husband is surely impossible.

Book 3 – Lizzie’s Recalcitrant Earl
Widows are safe for this rakehell to bed…
…until he meets the one widow he can’t forget.

Book 4 – Hannah’s Rakehell Duke

He’ll show her the pleasures of the bedroom…
…and she’ll show him the value of true love.

This is the complete collection of ‘The Heir and the Spare’ series. No cheating, no cliff hangers, and guaranteed super-sweet happily ever afters.


Regency Romance Series
The Duke's Marriage of Convenience-Ebook-Medium.jpg
The Duke's Marriage of Convenience-Audio.jpg

Ebook / Print book 


The Duke's Marriage of Convenience

Book 1

A reluctant bride desperate to save her family…

…but can she save the heart of this jaded Duke?

Kitty’s family is on the brink of financial ruin, and her hand in marriage is their most valuable asset. The spirited tomboy would rather care for her horses than tend to a husband—even if her betrothed is a dashing Duke. But to save her family, Kitty accepts the dull life of a Duchess, and the societal expectations that will surely crush her soul. Her handsome fiancé, with his extravagant stables and shared love of horses, takes her by surprise. And so does the attraction she feels with every whispered word and flammable touch. This once reluctant bride soon yearns for more than a marriage of convenience.

James Seymour, Duke of Somerset, is resigned to his fate… he will marry for duty, rather than love. Since the crushing blow of his parents’ deaths, guilt has driven James’s every decision. A quiet loveless marriage is all he deserves. But his fiancé is no simpering society Miss. With a sharp wit and an even sharper tongue, she has him bewitched and bewildered. Kitty’s joy for life pulls him out of the cold, dark shadows of regret, ready to embrace life again. But James’s stubborn streak turns Kitty’s passion to anger. And the engagement is broken—along with his heart.

James is determined to win back the only woman he’s ever loved… before it’s too late. Can Kitty forgive James and give him a second chance?


An Unconventional Bride-Ebook.jpg
An Unconventional Bride-Audio.jpg

Ebook / Print book 


An Unconventional Bride

Book 2

A traditional gentleman in search of a suitable wife… …and the smart-mouthed hellion who steals his breath away.

Emma wants more from life than a loveless marriage. A boring husband and dreary life will never do. Her heart yearns for love and passion and adventure. She could never fall for chauvinistic William Seymour. Her best friend’s brother-in-law is as traditional as they come. So why is arguing with him more exciting than dreams of faraway lands?

Will Seymour is feeling pressured to settle down. He needs to find a suitable wife. An upstanding member of the ton. So why is he lusting after the flame-haired hellion who ignites his temper like no other? Before long they give in to passion, and Emma’s reputation is ruined. Will proposes marriage but is blindsided by her rejection… and the realization she now owns his heart.

Can Will prove his love for Emma before she disappears from his life forever?


Marrying Her Best Friend-Ebook-Medium.jpg

Ebook / Print book 


Marrying Her Best Friend

Book 3

A well-bred lady with a ruined reputation…
…and the man who’d do anything to protect her.

Elizabeth Seymour has watched both brothers fall in love and marry. But one mistake has left the youngest Seymour destined for spinsterhood. Reputation in tatters, and ostracized from the ton, Lizzie’s only allies are family and her loyal best friend, Carson. The boy she’s known her whole life is now a man who makes her heart pound and pulse race.

Carson has always been content with his life. He is part of a respectable family, has had a good education, and a cherished best friend. Lizzie’s rejection from society breaks his heart. He’ll do whatever he can to protect her from the vicious vipers of the ton. Because somewhere along the line he’s fallen in love with her.

But as Lizzie’s life hangs in the balance, are they too late for their happily ever after?

Marrying Her Best Friend-Audio.jpg



Regency Romance
The Duke's Brothers box set.jpg
The Duke's Brothers Box Set

The complete collection of 'The Duke's Brothers' stories.

Every off Season the Melton brothers journey to Weymouth, and their family's country estate to spend time together and find peace away from the stressors of ton life. It is there, in the sleepy beach-side town that each of the Duke's brothers find the loves of their lives.

Boxset includes:

  • Lord James and his bride

  • Lord Robert and his bride

  • Lord Thomas and his bride

*** These Regency romances have a little steam, but are on the sweeter side.

Book 1

Lord James and his Bride.jpg
Lord James and his Bride

She expected a marriage proposal…but he proposed she be his mistress instead.

Miss Abigail Roth must marry to save her family from financial ruin. Scorned by society after a failed engagement, her dreams of finding love have long since faded. Until the handsome Lord Melton sweeps her off her feet. She’s expecting a proposal of marriage. Instead, he proposes she become his mistress. Embarrassed and ashamed, Abigail is determined to forget the man who broke her heart. But he has other plans…

Lord James Melton is home from the war after six long years. Believing he is too damaged to be of any use to anyone, he travels to Weymouth to spend the summer at his family's estate. There, an accidental meeting throws him in the path of the lovely Abigail, whose stunning smile and sparkling wit hold him captive. But James doesn’t believe he's capable of love, and while his nightmares still cause him to cry out in the middle of the night, he won't even try. So, he’ll hold onto Abigail the only way he knows how. As his mistress. When she brutally rebuffs his offer, James realises he’s done the unthinkable. He’s found love… and lost it.

Can this repentant gentleman rise above the pain in his past, and win back the heart of the woman he loves?

Heir & Spar
Seymor Siblings
Duke's Brother
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