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Tamsin Baker loves everything passionate and beautiful. Her books can be long, short and everything in between. But they’re all fast paced with snappy dialogue and lots of sex.

There won’t be a lot of angst in Tamsin's books. She wants her books to be everything that a fictional world can be - Full of happy ever afters, dirty words and sweet love.

‘Love is love’ and she tries to show that in a range of sub genre’s. From m/m contemporary to paranormal ménage.

In real life she has a need to shock people and bring up embarrassing topics at the most inappropriate times.

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BBW Fated Mates Paranormal Romance Series
Perfect Pairs 1.jpg
Prowling their Mate

Book 1

Laura always thought soulmates were for suckers… But can two gorgeous brothers prove her wrong?

People say I’m too much—too big, too smart, too loud. Well too damn bad! I’m finally content with my plus-size body and quiet life. Sure, I haven’t dated in forever, but I have a thriving veterinary practice and a kid sister to worry about. Besides, experience tells me animals are much more deserving of my attention. Until two gorgeous brothers knock me off my feet.
The unsettling animal-attraction is instant. I can’t fight it and I don’t want to.

Finding Mr Right is not on my to-do-list, but I’m up for a little fun with Mr Right Now—times two. Somehow these polar-opposite twins— Tyler with his gentle intelligence. Brandon with his strength and protective streak — form a perfect pair. And as they worship every inch of my curvy body, they thaw my frozen heart. If falling in love isn’t scary enough to send me running, discovering these men are actually mountain lion shifters should do the trick.

But they claim I’m their fated mate. And I know it’s true because loving them is easier than breathing… But will the 'ghosts of girlfriends past,' tear us apart?

Perfect Pairs 2.jpg

Book 2

Stalking their Mate

They’ve survived broken marriages and battered hearts… …but can these fated mates trust each other enough to find true love?

When I escaped my abusive marriage, I was a broken shell of a woman. I was never smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough. Now I’m finally free and happy and stronger than ever. There’s still a hole in my heart where a loving husband and children should be, but it’s a small price to pay for my freedom.

A trip to the Rocky Mountains for my cousin’s wedding is exactly what I need. I’m shaking my ass on the dance floor, when my skin prickles under the heat of a man’s gaze. This man may be hot enough to melt my plus-size panties, but no way is he getting into them. Ever. Except he does.

Silver-tongued Jack wins me over with his sexy smile and captivating charisma. Then worships me from head to toe until the wall around my heart cracks. I didn’t want a man. Let alone two! But his twin brother intrigues me. Scott’s damaged soul calls out to mine no matter how desperately he tries to push me away. The baggage we all carry from our past relationships could sink the Titanic, but fate has its own plans. Because these mountain-lion shifters form a perfect pair. And they’re destined to share a fated mate.

Me. I may be their perfect match, but how can I convince Scott there’s enough love left in this world for the three of us? And will he ever trust me to protect his fragile heart?

Perfect Pairs 3.jpg
Shadowing their Mate

Book 3

Kane and Reid are waiting for death, their fate sealed with the passing of their wife. But the moment they see Samantha their senses awaken.

With all my curvy cousins getting married to pairs of sexy fraternal twins, I figure going to one of the weddings couldn’t hurt? Right? Wrong. At Ashleigh’s wedding I meet Kane and Reid, two men who look like they’re not only knocking on death’s door, they’ve got one foot on the other side.

But the moment we touch, electricity shoots through my body and I know my life will never be the same. I have a boyfriend to break up with before I explore these feelings, and a life to put on pause. But how can I love two men? Especially when one of them is determined to keep me at a distance, and the guy I’ve been seeing turns up and tries to ruin everything?

Barry preys on all my insecurities, my weight, my job, my integrity, wanting me to believe I’m not worth loving,
Especially by two powerful, sexy men.

Kane and Reid may form a perfect pair, but there’s nothing perfect about me.


M/M Wolf Shifter Romance Series
BB1 2 MP.jpg
Grayson's Mate

Book 1

This Wolf shifting alpha has found his destined mate … in the very last person he'd expect.

At thirty-five, Grayson Nox is the business manager for his progressive wolf shifter pack. He's good at his job. Too bad he's not as successful at finding his destined mate. He'll know her by a distinctive birth mark, but he's getting tired of searching. In fact, he's exhausted.

But the night Grayson finally sees his large, gnarly tree shaped birth-mark, it's not on a woman. It's on a gorgeous guy who wrecked his car. Grayson brings the beguiling stranger home to heal … and to try and make sense of this strange twist of Fate.

Medical student Reagan Forster has studied for ten years at University in Melbourne. At last he's ready to sit his final exams and head out into the world to doctor people. But when he foolishly tries to drive home after a thirty-six-hour hospital shift, Reagan passes out behind the wheel.

He wakes in an unknown world, tucked away in the mountains of Greensborough, with the hottest guy he's ever met at his bedside. Their mating starts a fire hotter than either werewolf or man has ever known.

But they must make their relationship work against a backdrop of massive conflict within the pack. The Rogue wolves are a constant threat and when they attack, it'll be up to the Alphas to save the day.

BB2 - 2MP.jpg
Aaron's Mate

Book 2

Can these destined mates battle time and old beliefs to find each other?

Aaron Tanner is one of the Alpha wolf-shifters of the Greensborough pack. As with all his kindred, Aaron bears a birth-mark which will match his perfect mate. He's been searching for nearly twenty years … and failing. The ache of longing in his body and soul grows harsher with each passing day. Grayson’s mate Reagan brings hope when he spies a young were with the same mark, but the man disappears in the chaos of the fires that ravage Greensborough. Aaron’s not sure how much longer he can hold on …

Jordan Macky has grown up believing he will never mate. Even his own mother told him he was unworthy. Having accepted his fate as a cast-off, he's horrified when a mark develops on his chest that matches that of an Alpha’s. Aaron is a great man, and Jordan admires him from afar, but he could never live up to the standards set by the pack for their Alpha mates … or can he?

But, as Jordan prepares to stand at his mate's side, the Rogues strike and  Aaron is badly wounded.

Has Jordan waited too long, or this time, will it be the Omega who is called to save his Alpha?

Brad's Mate

Book 3

The final Alpha of the Borough meets his mate… but it may be too late.

Full of restless longing to see the world, Brad Talon has spent years roaming far and wide. But something has been calling him home… tugging at him. As a self professed loner- he resists as long as he can, until he receives an urgent message that he's needed at home.

Back in Greensborough, he sees first-hand the ravages of Rogue attacks on the 'Borough. He also learns that as the last un-mated Alpha, his time has come. His Beta mate has been found.

On his 21st birthday, Stephen Creel challenged for the right to become a Beta. He made the rank, but with an unexpected change--a huge birthmark on his thigh. A mark that destines him to be a match for Alpha Brad. Stephen's not sure he wants that much of a change in his life!

But Brad and Stephen have more urgent problems. With most of their Alphas away at a summit, their pack nearly defenseless, the Rogues attack. And this time... the fight will be a no-holds-barred fight to the death.

Can Brad and Stephen rally their pack to victory… or will their life together end before it even begins?

Borough Boys complete series final cover.jpg
Borough Boys Box Set

Grayson’s Mate: When a Werewolf alpha finds his destined mate, he always knows instantly. But what if he finds him instead of her? To make their mating work, this couple must battle pack beliefs, human interference and the Rogues trying to take them all down.

Aaron’s Mate: A Werewolf knows his destined mate by their matching mark. But what if the search fails? A powerful alpha fights to survive long enough, not knowing that his mate lingers just out of reach, trapped by his own fears.

Brad’s Mate: When the lone Wolf Alpha, Brad gets called home to protect the pack from the potential threat of the Rogues, he finds the mate he’s never wanted. And despite the fight he puts up, the stubborn Alpha is going down, and Fate will have her way with him as she has done with everyone before him.

Howl with the pack in this hot, exciting MM paranormal—get your copy of the complete collection today!

Megan's Mate

Book 4

It's Grayson's little sisters turn at love... but it won't be simple, or straight forward for the Alpha-born female.

Megan Nox, has a birthmark which should match her perfect mate's, yet no Alpha male in the Greensborough pack has the same mark. There's only one possibility, her fated mate must be outside the pack she was born into and Megan is convinced he will be at the upcoming Spring Festival.

Lucas Noll is a Beta wolf shifter in the Robinvale pack which uses and abuses their underlings. The pack he is devoted to and should protect him, cut the birthmark from the skin on his belly. The mark to identify him to his mate.

When he meets the gorgeous Megan Nox, he recognizes her as his mate. He knows it and she feels it, but without the proof of their matching birth marks, coupled with Lucas’s own feelings of inadequacy, how are they ever going to be together?

Author note: M/F paranormal romance.


M/M Dystopian Paranormal Romance Series
The Omega Shift

Book 1

In a world where only the paranormals survived... A virus wiped out all humans on Earth ten years ago and now there is a war going on between all those left standing.

Caden is an Omega wolf, struggling to stay alive among the ranks of the vicious pack he belongs to. He’s been used and abused by so many who were meant to protect him, yet is alive, unlike so many other Omegas who did not survive the rigors of the new world. His only goal is to fulfill his promise to his grandma, to survive at any cost.

Max, Alpha of the Olano pack was a cop for ten years before the world went to hell in a hand basket. Now, he fights to keep his pack on top, fed and alive. He mounts an attack against a rival pack, only to realize that a revered Omega is among their ranks, and not only that, but Caden is his fated mate.

Can Max convince the broken Caden that love and destiny still exist, or will the violence of their fractured world tear them apart?

Saving the Omega

Book 2

In a world where only paranormals survived... A cruel virus wiped out all humans. Now there’s a war between the supernatural factions…

Life is bleak for Angus. As a wolf shifter, living under vampire rule is intolerable. He hates the rules. He hates their power. He hates not having control over the lives of his pack. He keeps himself under tight control…until he cracks. A young wolf is being beaten by his mate. Unforgivable. Angus reacts and everything changes. Saving Clayton may just turn the tide for everyone, including the true Alpha in Angus.

This new world for Clayton is hell, and living with an abusive mate makes everything worse. But when Angus saves him from that torture, for once in his life there is an inkling of hope With jealous pack mates and vindictive rival gangs on their doorstep, danger is around every corner.

Can Clayton pull on his Omega strength for his Alpha, and will Angus accept the love only his true Omega can bring.

The Omega's Alpha

Book 3

In a world where only the paranormals survived... A cruel virus wiped out all humans. Now there’s a war between the supernatural factions…

Alpha wolf, Erik, finds a hot young male in the forest near his hidden home. His body instantly recognizes the lost boy as an Omega wolf, the most alluring kind of all to an Alpha like him.

Omega wolf, Corey, has managed to escape a broken world, only to find himself in a pack who lives as though time has forgotten them. Inside the safety of their compound, it is like the war never hit. Corey wants nothing more that to please his new Alpha, and stay hidden from the turmoil of the rest of the world. For the first time he is safe. And loved.

Erik's brother is on the war path, and the threat of the outside world is closing in. Can Erik and Corey’s bond form in the turmoil of this new world?

Gay Alpha Wolf Shifter Box Set.jpg
New World Shifters Box Set

It’s the wolf shifters against the rest of the paranormals, in a world that’s gone to Hell.

In a Dystopian world where every human has died and the paranormals are left to fend for themselves, fated mates are impossible to find. And when found, dangerous to keep!

Includes three novella length standalone M/M steamy romances:

  • The Omega Shift

  • Saving the Omega

  • The Alpha's Omega Mate


Fantasy Romance Series
Tamsin Baker - Princess Tattiena copy.jpg
Princess Tattiena

Book 1

I dream of the man who would be King.
But for me, he’s forbidden. Prince Leonide — A fearless warrior.
His kingdom depends on him to survive.
I fantasize about him every single night. His strong arms. Those deep piercing eyes.
He’s the alpha male I can’t resist. And me? I’m a princess.
The last dragon rider of Limea. My city’s only hope against the enemies.
Leonide says he wants me. That we’re fated to be together.
But I can’t afford to get pregnant. We need to save our kingdoms.
There will be bloodshed. Lost love and hope.
Are we too unlikely to ever unite?

Leo and Tattiena must fight together to save their kingdoms, and their lineages. But should peace return, will they ever find a way to be together?

Tamsin Baker - Warrior Kakeeri copy.jpg
Warrior Nakeeri

Book 2

Nakeeri, warrior woman and one of the only remaining dragon riders on Limea, is loyal to her corrupt kingdom. Not by choice but for a long ago bargain she made to save her life.


Curiosity leads her to the castle of Gregorick and Kalvis, the Captain of the Guard. A man who makes her heat blaze and who she can't resist. The man foretold to sire her child, perhaps one of the next dragon riders.


Kalvis feels unworthy to be Nakeeri's mate but the wild woman is destined to be his. When she is imprisoned by her malevolent king he finds more strength than just a loyal guard. He finds the heart of a lover and protector.


Paranormal Romance Series
Fighting Destiny

Book 1

An arrogant Alpha has found his true mates... and he'll need to claim them both.

Jeremy: "I never wanted to lust after Natalia. She was ten years my junior and a child when my tiger shifter recognized his mate. So I ran away.
And I haven't looked back since.
But when Dad calls me home and face the demons I've been running from for too long."

Natalia: "When Jeremy and Tommy save me from the bird shifters, I can't believe my eyes.
My mate is finally home!
The shifter I've waited my whole life for... but will he accept me now?
And is it too late anyway?
Because the truth of the matter is... I love Tommy now... But he's been waiting for Jeremy too.
We're both still virigns. I hope Jeremy doesn't care."

Tommy: "As a wolf shifter, I know I'm not Natalia's pre-destined mate.
But I love her more than anything in the world.
Until Jeremy returns home and I can't stop thinking about how gorgeous he is....
So dominant and possessive in the sexiest way.
My body aches when he is near.
Will he accept me too... Or will I need to fight for the girl I've loved since we were kids."

This is fast paced, action packed paranormal romance with a guaranteed happily ever after.

Knowing Destiny

Book 2

This Alpha needs both a male AND a female mate to fulfill the prophecy... so Chase needs to claim both Ariana AND Ben!

Chase, a golden eagle shifter, is destined to be the leader of his flock, the shifters of the air.
But he has a few problems to sort out before he ascends his birth rite.
He knows he isn't ready for the responsibility a flock leader takes on, and he isn’t sure whom he wants as his mate—and there’s the little issue of an unsolved killing to sort out.

Ben is also a golden eagle shifter, but more importantly, he is Chase’s best friend and casual lover.
He aches to be accepted as Chase’s chosen mate, but can he be honest about his feelings for the future flock leader?

Ariana is a young peregrine falcon shifter who has loved Chase for years, but has never been honest with her feelings for him. She's a virgin but desperate for Chase's touch.
But why would he want her when he could have anyone in the flock?

A dominant Alpha claims his mates in this bisexual menage romance.

This is a fast paced, action packed paranormal romance with a guaranteed happily ever after.

Swimming Destiny

Book 3

I'm Patrick, leader of the water shifters. I have my male mate and life is sweet. Jake submits to me in every way and I trust him with my life... but something's missing and my instincts tell me Sophia may be the key.

A few weeks ago, Sophia's life turned upside down. She lived her whole life with the shifters of the air. assuming of course that saw was one of them.
Now she'd learnt that she was adopted into the flock, after being abandoned by her birth mother.
She's always felt an infinity to the water, and the strangest attraction to the two gay guys that run the beach side cafe.
When she enters a forbidden pool and her legs turn into fins, her topsy turvy life truly takes a dramatic turn.

Jake and Patrick are partners in business, and mates in life.
They hadn't realised they were missing a part of their family until Sophia turns up.
She's intelligent, beautiful and a virgin. Perfect.
She brings out their most dominant and protective instincts.
Sophia is the missing key to their hearts, and the future of their pod.
However, the elders are determined to lock her up behind heavy bars, unwilling to let a mermaid get away.
But Patrick and Jake won't stand for it.

Will they have to choose between their pod and the woman they were born to protect? And when the dust settles, will Patrick rule as the true Alpha he is?


Short, Sweet and Super Steamy M/M Contemporary Romance Series
Danny's Coming Out

Book 1

The 21-year old student meets the 30-year old architect.... and sparks fly.

I'm not into girls like all the other guys,
the boobs and the bums, just don't do it for me.
But when I meet Marcus at my sister's party,
I know what I've been waiting for.
It's him!
He turns my life, and my libido upside down,
But coming out to my parents is the last thing I want to do,
I really could lose everything.

Tommy's Bear

Book 2

Two men looking for love in the wrong places may have just found their perfect match.

I need a man, but what sort, I don't know.
I'm bored of one-night stands and if I'm truly honest,
I'm lonely as hell.
But what type of guy will look beneath the blond exterior to the heart beneath?
Ben the big bear is HOT as Hades,
He's successful and built too,
But can I handle the intensity of the one guy who wants everything from me?


M/M Contemporary Romances
Truth Be Told

A gay bar owner might be the answer to Patrick's secret prayers...

I'm Patrick, and I like to sleep with men.
No-one knows that about me of course,
Only the one night stands I allow myself to indulge in occasion.
I'd been happy with my closeted lifestyle, until I met him...
Liam makes me want more. In fact, he demands more...
And more is dangerous.
If people find out what I really am, I could lose everything.

His Fireman

Zach has fulfilled all of his goals in life. He's successful, wealthy, and a good person. It’s time to find the right guy, and his brother’s hot friend may be just what the doctor ordered.

Dylan loves his life as a firefighter, and when he meets the gorgeous Doctor Zach he decides that a relationship might be worth while.

But Zach isn’t used to putting his work second for anyone, and Dylan’s one night stands haven’t prepared him for the ups and downs of a real relationship. Can a hot fireman and a super sexy doctor make their crazy schedules fit each other? Or will the hazards of their jobs be the end of their happily ever after?

His City Boy

Mitchell’s job is his life. He works hard, with good men and he gets to be around the horses he loves. The only thing that will ruin his perfect life is if they find out he’s gay, but that’ll never happen, so he’s safe.

Jayden Donner doesn’t really want to visit his estranged father on his farm, but how else is he going to get the money he needs for his overseas holiday?

When Mitchell first sees Jay, he knows the city boy is trouble. Used to getting whatever he wants, Jay won’t leave Mitchell alone. He doesn’t understand how easily his advances could ruin Mitchell’s life until it’s too late.

#GAY 2MP.jpg

I'm in my mid twenties, I have a great career,
Killer abs and a lifestyle most people would die for...
But there's one thing I want...
More than anything.
The one thing I can't have...
And that's my boss. Nick Anderson.
I don't even know if he's gay!
And yet I fantasize after his incessantly!
Well, my two year contract is almost up and Nick wants to talk.
Is it about my contract... or am I going to finally find out if Nick is #Gay???

Too Busy For Love

He needed a job – he never expected to need his boss.

Thomas's life can be pared down to one principle: Be as successful as possible by being as single–minded as possible. But his commitment to his goal is tested upon returning home to his mansion and finding his gorgeous new gardener in his library.

Luke is a student, and his new job is perfect: decent income and a place to study that's quiet, peaceful, and stocked with useful resources. The last thing he expects to find there is a stunning man who offers to open up all the doors that Luke has yet to be brave enough to peek behind.

Thomas is happy to wait for Luke to come to him, but when he does, Thomas has no intention of holding back...

Eternal Hearts

MMF Regency romance novella.

For five hundred years, vampires Nathaniel and Michael have loved each other. But without their third mate, they feel empty and incomplete.

Lady Abigail Tonnington is a recent widow who has finally got some control over her life. The last thing she wants or expects are two male vampires, both claiming to need her. She is shocked by the strength of their passion for each other and wants to be a part of that love.

But Michael and Nathaniel want to bind her to them forever. Abigail is hesitant to change her life and fights to stay human. A compromise will be almost impossible, however it is essential for her vampire mates' lives that she does.

*** WARNING : This is a super sexy paranormal ménage romance with M/M love scenes. Only read this if you are an adult and if these themes do not offend you!

Prowling their mate
Borough Boys
New World Shifters
Dragon Riders
Shifters of Land
Melb Men
TB Standalones
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