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Standalone Novel

She's on a mission... a baby mission.

I've wanted a baby my whole life, so to find out from my Doctor that my days are numbered... well that was a blow.

I saved all my money for IVF, to have my parents need a bail out for their tax bill.

But Fate came to my rescue.

I have one last job that will give me all the money I need to make a baby of my own,

and surely one last holiday fling with my new 'boss' won't hurt?

Who was that Doctor that said I'd never conceive on my own?

A miracle happened in Hawaii, and I'm going home with a new life growing inside of me,

No IVF required.

As for the billionaire father?

He made it clear the last thing he wanted was a partner, or a baby.

So he never has to know.


Lexie Miers


Contemporary Romance

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