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Daughters of the Warlock

Book 7

A forbidden love. A league of Witches who want equal rights. And a Council hellbent on stopping them.

Bella, still the black sheep of the family, has fallen in love with a wolf shifter. Though their love is forbidden, she won’t give him up. Now she’ll have to fight the Council to change the law….or risk death.

Her last hope is joining the ‘League of Witches,’ a group of women determined to change the rules to give equal rights to all species. But with equal rights to love come equal rights to live, and the Council won’t allow the shifters or the Fae to step out of place.

With the witches on their side, the shifters want to fight, but will this battle to end all wars end Bella and her lover’s lives in the process?


Maggie Shaw


Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

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