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Pack Loyalty

Book 5

Mannix goes in search of his lost brother, only to find a family he never dreamed was possible.

When he was a kid, Mannix's mother and father both died, and his brother was lost to the wilderness. His father had gone insane and taken Reid south, over a thousand miles, then told him to walk home. He'd never come back.

That moment had changed Mannix's life forever. He was now the Alpha of his pack, tormented by his Father's curse, and the loss of his older brother. So, when he finds out that Reid is still alive, he goes in search of him, and finds so much more.

Amelie is a widow, and mom to 8-year-old Lacey. She barely survived the grief of losing her husband, but battles on for the sake of her daughter. The last thing she expects is to have a stranger turn up to her home one night, and turn her whole life upside down.

Being Fated Mates is meant to be a blessing, but it may be too late in the day for Amelie and Mannix.


Amelia Shaw


Paranormal Romance

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