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Pack Loyalty

Book 3

A lone wolf finds his mate, but she's the last woman he expected to fall for.

Kara is lonely. Her brother's mated up and her best-friend is busy running the pack. But she has her art, and her family, and that should be enough. But when Allara askes her to go to the neighboring pack and broker a peace deal, Kara can't think of anyone worse suited for the job. But she does what her Alpha askes her to do, and she meets with the Alpha-born Ronan. A man she is sure is meant to be her mate. If only he'd realize it too.

Alpha-born wolf shifter Ronan, ran away when the mantel for leader became his to claim. He has no interest in pack politics or the hierarchy he was bred on. Fated mates aren't real, and being responsible for another life is the last thing this Alpha wants.

But when Ronan's pack is in danger of being taken over, and his brother's life hangs in the balance, will he revert to type and run... or risk his own life for those he loves?


Amelia Shaw


Paranormal Romance

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