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Standalone Novel

I really thought David was the one for me. He was sweet, but oh so sexy.

Successful but not too arrogant. He was the perfect guy... until he wasn't.
My mother's a bit of a gold digger... so sue me.
She's not me... I would never marry a man for money.
So turning up to her third wedding, I don't expect much.
And the last thing I expect is to find that my new step-brother is my boyfriend!
David thinks I'm just like my mother. With him only for his money.
Well he soon fixes that, by dumping me and cutting off all ties.
Or so he thinks.
I'm pregnant with his baby and I'm still in love with him.
Our parents being married don't change how I feel. Why would it?
Should I tell him?


Lexie Miers


Contemporary Romance

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