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Perfect Pairs

Book 4

A girl determined to do it on her own. The two men who'll give her everything she never knew she needed.

Lexie grew up in a tough environment, and when she escaped, she thought things would be easier. They weren't. And once again she's found herself in a situation where she has no money, no job, and nowhere to live. Maybe her mother was right and she wasn't meant to make it on her own.

Markus and Oliver are a perfect pair. Unidentical twins that are the opposite of each other, and yet perfect compliments. The bone of contention between them however is whether they'll share a mate or not. Ollie doesn't care and will take anyone Fate delivers to him. Markus is determined to stay single forever, believing what everyone says about him- that he's not made to be a husband.

But when Lexie literally runs into Ollie, their lives become intertwined and Markus will have to decide if he wants to risk his heart on a woman fate chose for him, or not...

*** Perfect pairs- wolf shifter style!


Amelia Shaw


Paranormal Romance

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