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Daughters of the Warlock

Book 5

A witchy book worm. A poisoned sister. And a powerful Council that wants them all dead.

When my rebel little sister is mysteriously poisoned, it’s up to me to protect her. But saving Courtney means going to the Magical Realm, where I must face my worst fears. My powerful father and the Council of Warlocks. Both have their own plans for my life.

Once I make my presence known, the Council demands I step into the role of my father's Heir. But the last thing a bookworm like me wants is to be pushed into the spotlight And to the top of the assassin’s hit list. Now, facing the toughest challenge of my life, I’m forced to choose whose life to save, my own or my sisters. If I choose wrong, it may just be the end of all our lives.

If you enjoy the action and romance of a CN Crawford novel, then you’ll love Maggie Shaw’s new series, Daughters of the Warlock.


Maggie Shaw


Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

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