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The Heir and the Spare

Book 2

Finding love amongst the ton is a rare feat…

…finding a virgin husband is surely impossible.

Lady Charlotte Dunford will marry for love, or not marry at all. Finding a husband shouldn’t be difficult, not with her beauty, wealth and spirit. She’s already caught the eye of several gentlemen, including her brother’s friend Archie, whose pious nature hides a sparkling wit and an uncanny ability to draw out her secrets. Including the biggest secret of all… her future husband must be a virgin. An impossible condition for the gentlemen of the ton… except for Archie, who can fulfill all her demands.

Archibald Turner has secrets of his own. His older brother is hidden away, dying of a disease that will ruin their family name. When the axe falls, he’ll need his friends to stand by him. He’s dedicated himself to becoming the perfect gentleman. He never drinks, never gambles, never cusses. And he’s never lain with a woman. But beneath the perfect façade is a wildly passionate man who desires the one thing he cannot have. His best friend’s little sister.

Archie is certain Charlotte will despise him when she learns the truth of his legacy. But will she give up on the man she loves… the father of her unborn child?


Fiona Miers


Regency Romance

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