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Borough Boys

Book 4

It's Grayson's little sisters turn at love... but it won't be simple, or straight forward for the Alpha-born female.

Megan Nox, has a birthmark which should match her perfect mate's, yet no Alpha male in the Greensborough pack has the same mark. There's only one possibility, her fated mate must be outside the pack she was born into and Megan is convinced he will be at the upcoming Spring Festival.

Lucas Noll is a Beta wolf shifter in the Robinvale pack which uses and abuses their underlings. The pack he is devoted to and should protect him, cut the birthmark from the skin on his belly. The mark to identify him to his mate.

When he meets the gorgeous Megan Nox, he recognizes her as his mate. He knows it and she feels it, but without the proof of their matching birth marks, coupled with Lucas’s own feelings of inadequacy, how are they ever going to be together?

Author note: M/F paranormal romance.


Tamsin Baker


Paranormal Romance

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