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Steamy Royal Tales of Dragon Riders

Book 1

I dream of the man who would be King.
But for me, he’s forbidden. Prince Leonide — A fearless warrior.
His kingdom depends on him to survive.
I fantasize about him every single night. His strong arms. Those deep piercing eyes.
He’s the alpha male I can’t resist. And me? I’m a princess.
The last dragon rider of Limea. My city’s only hope against the enemies.
Leonide says he wants me. That we’re fated to be together.
But I can’t afford to get pregnant. We need to save our kingdoms.
There will be bloodshed. Lost love and hope.
Are we too unlikely to ever unite?

Leo and Tattiena must fight together to save their kingdoms, and their lineages. But should peace return, will they ever find a way to be together?


Tamsin Baker


Fantasy Romance

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