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Zoey's Revenge Series

Book 3

A bounty hunter with hidden magic. An angry fae prince. A world of lies.

I couldn't be more furious with Fin. He's crossed my boundaries and betrayed me for the last time. But I have a secret, that not even he knows. I stole something off the Black Mage's person last time we almost died fighting him, and that artifact is going to lead me to the truth.

But instead of finding what I need, I get my my ass handed to me by a pack of goons. Fin saves my life, again, and this time his magic binds us together, leaving our feelings and thoughts exposed and open to each other. My worst fear realized.

Walking away just got impossible.

*** Author warning: There IS a cliff hanger ending, and will lead straight into book 4!


Maggie Shaw


Urban Fantasy

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