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The Heir and the Spare

Book 1

The love of a Duke will save her…

…but will his family tear them apart?

Sarah’s one and only London Season must result in a match—her family’s future is at stake. But this vicar’s daughter faces possible ruin until she’s rescued by the kind and heart-poundingly handsome, Oliver Lyre. The newly minted Duke of Lincoln soon holds the key to her heart, and it appears her prayers have been answered. But his mother and sister-in-law, infamous dragons of the ton, are determined to tear the couple apart. And when Sarah discovers she’s pregnant, she’ll give up everything to protect her child.

When Oliver tragically lost his father and brother and inherited his title, he also lost his chance at marrying for love. He never wanted the crushing responsibilities the title entailed… and he damned well never wanted the attention of matchmaking mamas on the ‘marriage mart’. Rescuing Sarah, and being forced into marriage, is a surprising stroke of luck. His sweet and affectionate wife is a breath of fresh air, showing no interest in his money or station. The only person who expects nothing but his love. If only his family weren’t hell-bent on destroying his marriage. This reluctant Duke will have to choose between the burdens of his family and the woman he loves.

Can Sarah and Oliver’s love overcome the pressures of a world determined to keep them apart?


Fiona Miers


Regency Romance

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