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The Paranormals Blood World

Book 4

Rescuing a witch from the underground was hard enough.... keeping her, and her baby alive, will be the hardest thing Shadow ever does.

When my cousin talked me into rescuing the witches from the underground, I figured... I've lived long enough. Time to do something truly stupid. Well, that was only the beginning. In the vampire's den I found my fated mate, a woman with enough magic in her blood stream to have every vampire running to kidnap her back.

I was never meant to have a mate. I'm a mixed breed-mongrel, and anyone can see it. I have a heavy limp, scaly skin and a hunch back. But nothing will stop me from protecting my woman, or the baby in her belly that I didn't put there. I don't care who comes for them. The Vampire Father's.... or the strongest shifter on the planet. No-one will get past me.


Amelia Shaw


Paranormal Romance, Reverse Harem

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