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Perfect Pairs

Book 2

They’ve survived broken marriages and battered hearts… …but can these fated mates trust each other enough to find true love?

When I escaped my abusive marriage, I was a broken shell of a woman. I was never smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough. Now I’m finally free and happy and stronger than ever. There’s still a hole in my heart where a loving husband and children should be, but it’s a small price to pay for my freedom.

A trip to the Rocky Mountains for my cousin’s wedding is exactly what I need. I’m shaking my ass on the dance floor, when my skin prickles under the heat of a man’s gaze. This man may be hot enough to melt my plus-size panties, but no way is he getting into them. Ever. Except he does.

Silver-tongued Jack wins me over with his sexy smile and captivating charisma. Then worships me from head to toe until the wall around my heart cracks. I didn’t want a man. Let alone two! But his twin brother intrigues me. Scott’s damaged soul calls out to mine no matter how desperately he tries to push me away. The baggage we all carry from our past relationships could sink the Titanic, but fate has its own plans. Because these mountain-lion shifters form a perfect pair. And they’re destined to share a fated mate.

Me. I may be their perfect match, but how can I convince Scott there’s enough love left in this world for the three of us? And will he ever trust me to protect his fragile heart?


Tamsin Baker


Paranormal Romance, Fated Mates

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