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Shifters of the Land, Sea and Air

Book 3

I'm Patrick, leader of the water shifters. I have my male mate and life is sweet. Jake submits to me in every way and I trust him with my life... but something's missing and my instincts tell me Sophia may be the key.

A few weeks ago, Sophia's life turned upside down. She lived her whole life with the shifters of the air. assuming of course that saw was one of them.
Now she'd learnt that she was adopted into the flock, after being abandoned by her birth mother.
She's always felt an infinity to the water, and the strangest attraction to the two gay guys that run the beach side cafe.
When she enters a forbidden pool and her legs turn into fins, her topsy turvy life truly takes a dramatic turn.

Jake and Patrick are partners in business, and mates in life.
They hadn't realised they were missing a part of their family until Sophia turns up.
She's intelligent, beautiful and a virgin. Perfect.
She brings out their most dominant and protective instincts.
Sophia is the missing key to their hearts, and the future of their pod.
However, the elders are determined to lock her up behind heavy bars, unwilling to let a mermaid get away.
But Patrick and Jake won't stand for it.

Will they have to choose between their pod and the woman they were born to protect? And when the dust settles, will Patrick rule as the true Alpha he is?


Tamsin Baker


Paranormal Romance

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