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The Woodland Wolf Packs

Books 1 - 3

Three strong women wary of love… …and the wolf shifter packs ready to claim them.

These men are fierce, loyal and looking for love. Finding their mates is easy—their women falling hard and fast. But with danger closing in, keeping them safe could prove deadly. Can these hot, possessive wolves protect their fated mates?

The Pack’s Mate – Book 1. I wake up in a house hidden deep in the woods, three wolf shifters standing guard. They want me as their mate. They seduce my body with every caress, every kiss, but it’s the way they cherish and protect me that seduces my heart. I’ve always been too big, too sassy, too smart… now I finally feel beautiful. Adored. Loved. I’m not sure it will last, but as danger lurks… I have to trust they’ll protect me, and my heart, too.

Claiming Their Mate – Book 2. My bad taste in men has taken a detour from losers to downright dangerous. So, I’m swearing off Y chromosomes for good. Not so easy when these possessive, predatory men claim I’m theirs. Their fated mate. Every heated look and sensual caress soothe my bruised heart. Can I risk a chance at love when my heart’s not the only thing in danger? My ex-boyfriend's grip tightens as he stalks my every move… and he comes with a pack of his own.

Saving the Pack – Book 3. I’ve cooked, cleaned and slaved my whole life, waiting to start a family. Then I discover I’m human—an outcast who no bear-shifter will touch. I dull the pain with a night of sizzling seduction and heart-pounding heat. Now I’m pregnant to a wolf. And the bears want me dead. I need the alpha wolf's protection, but his three-wolf-pack are a package deal. And they claim I’m their mate. Could these wolves love me, not just my baby? And can they protect us both from the bears’ deadly vengeance?


Amelia Shaw


Paranormal Romance, Reverse Harem

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