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Wicked Fae

Book 1

Can you see my wings? Because you're not meant to. If you can... then you're one of us.

I live in a realm run by Witches and Warlocks. They use shifters as servants and vampires as sex slaves. So, I hear you ask, what of the Fae? Well, we escaped long ago. All of us, except for those they call the 'Wicked.'

When we're children, we are tested. Our magic, our blood, our heart. And for those that fail, we are cast out, back to the realm of the Witches to be killed... or worse. I was taken in by a Witch with little power, and used to help her thrive, but now that's she gone, I'm free, and it's time that the Wicked take back what is theirs.

For fans of Jaymin Eve, Jeanine Frost and Shannon Mayer.

Urban Fae is the first in the Wicked Fae series. A paranormal fantasy romance series with lots of action, bad guys, and a love that will conquer all.


Amelia Shaw


Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

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