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The Paranormals Blood World

Book 3

Not one, or two - but three fated mates..? Either Fate has a strange sense of humor, or she has truly blessed Sadie. The jury’s still out.

But while Sadie tries to wrangle three relationships and her intense attraction with each of her men, the vampire blood ring is still in operation and the reality is horrific.The vampires have women trapped underground, suffering while their blood is slowly siphoned from their bodies. Some of them are even being bred to produce more people for the select vampire blood tastes.

The blood ring is big business and big money, which means Sadie, Fridge, Rogan and Vincent, are taking on a very BIG enemy.Sadie is yet to fully mate with her Vampire, and her half-witch powers lay dormant. Playing this cat and mouse game might bring them together, but surviving is not guaranteed for all four of them


Amelia Shaw


Paranormal Romance, Reverse Harem

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