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The Shifter Rejected

Book 1

Talia thought her father’s execution was the worst thing that could happen…until her mate rejects her and banishes her from the pack.

Talia’s father goes rogue on a mission, leading dozens of pack members to a brutal death. Now the pack’s out for blood. But even his execution isn’t enough to soothe the Alpha’s anger. Which is why Maddox, who Talia has been fated to since birth, rejects his mating bond with her and banishes her. She has three days to leave town…or the pack will hunt her down.

Within hours of her departure, her own pack’s deathly decree takes a back seat to a more pressing threat: Galen, the next Alpha of the Long Claw pack that her father tried to kill, captures her. He doesn’t know that Talia and Maddox are no longer mates, and she intends to keep it that way.

Galen plans to use her as a bargaining chip, which is the only thing keeping her alive. But how long can she keep up the ruse? Because she’s still in town, and her pack is going to sense that. The clock is ticking until the hunt for her begins, then she’ll have two pack Alphas who want her dead.

The one who rejected her…and the one who kidnapped her…


Amelia Shaw


Paranormal Romance

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