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The Shifter Rejected

Book 4

Talia is keeping a secret from Galen and the pack, and it is driving a wedge between them.

Since the attack by the demon, Talia's eyes turn red every time she shifts. She doesn't know what's happening to her, but it can't be anything good. Her demon-like eyes are impossible to hide, so the only solution is to not shift in front of others until she can figure out how to fix it.

But Galen and Talia have been summoned to a Shifter Council conference in an effort to curb the growing demon threat. And to declare her allegiance to the cause, she must shift in front of everyone. That's only the start of her latest batch of problems. The man who rejected her is also at the conference, and Maddox intends to claim back his property.

Fans of paranormal romance won't be able to get enough of this slow burn, rejected mates wolf shifter series!


Amelia Shaw


Paranormal Romance

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